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Special Activities
Special Activities That Can Be Organised:

Shooting Activity In Moscow, Russia, Soviet Military Day In Moscow, Moscow Tank Driving, Fun Events, Moscow Spaceflight Training Simulators, Moscow Fighter Jet & Winter Fun.

SHOOTING ACTIVITY IN MOSCOW, RUSSIA There is a perfect opportunity to have a great shooting experience in Russia! Moscow offers indoor and outdoor shooting ranges with targets of different complexity levels as well as wide choice of different kinds of guns. Professional instructor will provide you all necessary information about guns and actions

SOVIET MILITARY DAY IN MOSCOW FOR CORPORATE GROUP One Military Day Out – this is for the real men! And Russia is the right place for it! Experience gun, rifle and machine-gun shooting, partisan path, military car off-road driving and more. On the Military Day Out we will make all programs according to your needs.

MOSCOW TANK DRIVING - MOSCOW GROUP ACTIVITIES - FUN EVENTS Have your best weekend in Moscow! Have a unique experience of driving the ultimate fighting machine, the tank on a real military range. The tank crew is made up from - a mechanic-driver plus you and your friends! You will drive up to 4 km! And it should take about 20 minutes. Driving instructions, English speaking guide, transfers and memorable pictures included.

MOSCOW SPACEFLIGHT TRAINING SIMULATORS - MOSCOW GROUP ACTIVITIES Experience the immense force of gravity as you simulate reentry into Earth’s atmosphere! Try different kinds of space simulators at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center used for cosmonauts, astronauts, and military pilots training. The overall mission of this program is to give you an understanding of the forces you will experience during a Soyuz rocket launch until you reach the orbit of the International Space Station. At the end of the simulation, you would know exactly how it feels to launch into space and fly into orbit!
  • Centrifuge (launch to orbit insertion) Simulator
  • Space Navigation using Star City’s one-of-a kind Planetarium and Simulator
  • Sokol Space Suit Training
  • Soyuz spacecraft simulator training under the guidance of actual spacecraft pilot trainers
  • Spacewalk mission simulation in the neutral buoyancy tank.
  • Land-Survival Training
  • International Space Station Simulator
  • MiG-25 Flight to the “Edge of Space” with one of Russia’s most experienced pilots
  • MiG-29 “Space Shuttle Flight Profile” with one of Russia’s most experienced pilots
  • Zero Gravity Flight (Optional).

  • MOSCOW FIGHTER JET Have a unique opportunity to try demonstration, tour and training flights on fighter jets SU-27, MiG-25, L-39, MiG-23 or MiG-29. These jets previously have been available only to cosmonauts and pilots, but now every healthy person can fly them! You will be given all necessary instructions on a pre-flight briefing according to your existing flight skills. Pre-flight briefing will include tactical and technical data of the Fighter Jet you are about to fly and you will discuss all the aspects of the flight. After preparation you will be ready to try a demonstration flight as co-pilot. All staff is either former pilots or professionals related to aviation and they want to make sure you will get the greatest time in the air!
  • Transportation from hotel to airbase and back
  • Personal guide
  • Medical examination
  • Pre-flight instructions
  • Certification for the flight
  • Professional pilot-instructor
  • Equipment
  • Refreshments

  • MOSCOW PAINTBALL GROUP ACTIVITIES This is a game for adventurers! You aim is to "kill" as much enemies as possible. For a week-end your friends and you become Soviet Army soldiers. Paintball is organized with maximum comfort. There are forest and speedball fields, professional referees, all necessary professional and amateur equipment.

    FREE FLIGHT SIMULATOR NEW EXTREME ACTIVITY FOR GROUPS IN MOSCOW FREE FLIGHT SIMULATOR - EXTREME ACTIVITY FOR GROUPS IN MOSCOW Break gravity rules and fly with the help of newest technologies! After a short preparation program you are provided with all the necessary equipment (special apparel, goggles, helmet, gloves etc.) and go to wind tunnel where an air stream takes you up at a speed of 180 -200 km/h. If necessary, the instructor will provide support in the beginning of your flight. You only have to be willing to try and fitting in weight and height limits. To enjoy a safe flight you have to weigh between 30 kg and 100 kg, and you have to be shorter than 2 m.

    The phrase "Russian winter" may bring to mind images of tall fur hats, snow covered gold church domes, and steaming bowls of borscht. It may also remind you that both the armies of Hitler and Napoleon were driven off by the cold winter of the north and that "Russian winter" is also an explanation why every invader has failed to conquer the country. Still, there are plenty of reasons to visit the largest country in the world when it's cold. The long lines to visit Moscow's Kremlin or St. Petersburg's Hermitage museum virtually disappear over the winter months. Travel to Russia during winter is a unique experience, and you won't lack for things to do and see. Russians are experts at making the cold season fun and festive, so whether you're out in the weather or indoors and safe from the cold, there are a variety of activities to keep you busy during this time. More than anything, winter is when you'll find Russia at its most "Russian": residents draped in fur, sipping vodka, or taking a steam at a banya bathhouse, Ice Skating, Sledding, etc etc. Also to add to this there are many winter festivals and lots of ice sculptures on display or visit A whole ice town with ancient palaces and fortresses, with the atmosphere of Old Russia of the 10th century and folk entertainments of that time.