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The Russians...

Russians can be some of the friendliest people that you will ever meet, but at other times, they may seem very cold and distant. Russians today, living in metropolitan areas speak decent English. But, Older generations will be speaking English in a less degree.


There are a few types of Russian visa that can be applied for:
1. Tourist Visa
2. Business Visa
3. Transit Visa

Except for transit visa, both tourist visa and business visa require a visa support letter to enable you to apply for the visa stamping at the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

For a tourist visa first we need to book either a package tour or a hotel stay on the basis of which we apply for the visa support letter. Upon receipt of this visa support letter, you may approach the Embassy in your area to get the visa stamped. The tourist visa for Russia is mainly not issued for more than 15 days OR will be date specific in accordance with itinerary booked and will be valid for those many days.

Our office is completely geared to issue visa support letters, for which we are authorized to send you ELECTRONIC VISA SUPPORT LETTER, which saves a lot of time and money as compared to seeking for the original invitation/visa support through courier. (We are authorized to issue ELECTRONIC VISA SUPPORT for INDIAN & CHINESE passport holders).

For business visa, your inviting company has to apply for it on your behalf and then send you the original invitation, and on receipt of the same you can approach Embassy of Russian Federation for visa stamping.

Is Russia safe for travel?
This is a common question and the answer is Yes, it is safe. The turbulent 90s are long gone. Russia has a functioning police force and a civilized population that is friendly to foreign visitors. But it is still recommended to stay away from abandoned areas. If you encounter any problem, please contact the Indian Embassy or your local contact/travel agent.

Indian Embassy
Address: Vorontsovo Pole ul., 6-8 (metro Taganskaya or Kitai Gorod)
Phone: +007 495 917-0820
Fax: +007 495 975-2337
(Consular Section)
Address: Vorontsovo Pole ul., 4
Phone: + 007 495 917-1935/916-2343
Fax:+ 007 495 916-2343
Working Hours: 10am 6pm

Paying for things
All major credit cards are accepted in Russia.

The amount of cash you should bring will depend entirely on your own spending habits. We also don't recommend bringing travelers checks as it may be difficult to find a bank that will accept them. Also, your bank will not have branches in Moscow so you won't be able to make any direct withdrawals.
You won't need to exchange dollars into Russian rubles before you leave. There will be exchange booths almost anywhere you go. We don't recommend exchanging money in airports as the exchange rate tends to be higher. It's best to ask your tour guide about a good place to exchange your dollars and its best to find out what the official rate is before you depart.
The current exchange rate for a Euro to Rubles is approximately around 38-40 and for a Dollar to Rubles is approximately around 28-30.

Medical Help
Medical services available to foreigners in Russia:

Medical services are available in all cities and towns throughout Russia. First aid, excluding hospitalisation, is available free of charge to all foreign travellers. However, foreigners are required to pay for treatment in hospitals and out-patient clinics.

The most popular medical insurance for foreigners in Russia is oriented around international and multi-national companies. Medical insurance companies such as Bupa International,William Russell, AIG, AETNA, CIGNA and Expacare have the possibility of providing their clients in Russia with medical services through medical service providers such as International SOS.