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Why Russia

Why go to Russia????

It is the biggest country in the world with 9 different time zones. (It used to be 11 time zones up till March 2010).

Russia is exactly the point where east meets west. No other country in the total Eurasian Continent has such a cultural mix as Russia - especially nowadays when Russia is filled by people from all over the world attracted by the business opportunities here.

Being open now to mass tourism, Russia is opening for the visitors its history and the really worth seeing Heritage of Tsar Russia.

The Russian Tsars were much richer than many of the European Kings & Princes and thus left an incredible heritage one of its kind..nowhere else to be seen!!

Main cities to Visit MOSCOW & ST.PETERSBURG


The capital of Russia & the biggest city in Europe, Just as dynamic as NEW YORK but with crime rate 5 times less than New York ..

The most Funkiest City in Europe with largest numbers of - Restaurants, Night Clubs, Theatres, Museums, Concert Halls, Libraries etc etc.


The Cultural Capital of Russia, also known as Venice of the North, standing on the banks of the Neva River & with canals flowing through most of the city.

It houses Hermitage Museum, which holds one of the largest collection of arts & artifacts ever know to human history..

Allow us to showcase this beautiful, vibrant and Majestic country especially for you.